Thursday, 2 July 2009

Le Hoon du Jour: SIR Michael White

A face you'd never tire of punching.

Can't you just smell the priggish pomposity?

What I do that really annoys Staines, Peter Oborne and other rightwing attack dogs is defend the political class as a whole from unwarranted assaults that are corrosive of democratic discourse and public trust. I don't defend the indefensible, but I don't hunt with the media pack either.

Defend the indefensible? Suck the government's pink pole, you mean, you useless fuck waste of skin. I'm not sure what Mikey baby would consider indefensible from the Labour party, strangling babies live on television and eating the still-beating hearts.



Humpty Dumpty said...

Get off the fence, Obo, and say what you really think. ;)

Actually, what I find astonishing is that the Grauniad pay him for his views. They must have money to burn!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I'm convinced it's part of an attack by the MSM against the blogosphere.

Afghanistan Banana Stand said...

Punching, kicking, twatting with a baseball bat


I could that to that prat all day long

Bugger Lugs said...

He is not defending Labour as that is no longer credible.

He has switched the argument and cloaked it.

He is defending defending "democracy, our political process, the honesty of our politicians and any other fragrant smelling shit he can smear on the blogosphere"

I recommend you all read Madsen Pirie's book on "How to win every argument" where he lays out all the tricks used by polticians, spin doctors etc to divert attention from weak or fallible arguments.

It is a text book guide to political mendacity.

He is quite simply trying to defend his money earner against changes in the marketplace by smearing bloggers. Instead f attacking what they do he turns attention onto a more general but diversionary argument to achieve a guilt by association position.

In another age in another industry he would be described as a Luddite. In fact he is just a Wapping whore and no different from the "old" printing unions trying to maintain early 20th Century technologies, like hot metal against electronic compositing and practices, like blogging against Pravda publishing.

Bugger Lugs said...

Sorry last sentence should read Centralised Pravda publishing to diffuse mosaic blogging.

and Nesbit, get back to St Albans

Bugger Lugs said...

Humpty Dumpty

I think you will find that the fragrant Polly Toynbee actually proposed Government subsidy for the dead tree press because no one was buying their crap any more and The Guardian was losing money sticking up for ZaNULab.

Dame Tonybee of Tuscany and Wapping

Pig troughers all

Fidothedog said...

Him an that Toynbee thing, pair of fucking Labour pole sucking cunts.