Friday, 10 July 2009

Pardon my cynicism

I see a whole bunch of media whores (yes, John Prescott, I am talking about you too) are up in arms about the NOTW phone hacking. Well, I have a couple of observations:

1. If you leave default passwords on anything, you're a fucking idiot and you deserve what you get.
2. Mundane stuff that happened four years ago is unlikely to damage your life.
3. This is a great opportunity for sad, has-beens and even sadder never-weres to boost their media profile for free.

I guarantee that there will be at least one media whore banging on about this even though it later transpires that no-one actually hacked them.

See if I'm right or if I'm right.


Events dear boy, events said...

Totally agree about 1 and 3. No 2 maybe depending what comes out next week

The Economic Voice said...

Prescott and friends are quick enough to take our liberties away under the prevention of terrorism act and ID cards but we must respect their privacy????......fuck off.

john miller said...

Err, more to the point, aren't they just jealous that someone may have actually DONE it, as opposed to passing a law enabling them to do it?

Mick said...

Yesterday's chip paper is pretty much what the Shinners said about the McCartney killing. It cost them two Westminster seats that year, and all their forward momentum. It put paid to their considerable ambitions in the Republic too.

I know that's not a fair comparison in absolute terms; but I'd beware of relying on the obscuring of detail as a natural get out of jail free card.

The past is never entirely at rest on the 'net. That's analogue thinking. In the US Murdoch is already being dragged back to his 'Dirty Digger' days through this mess. And Coulson is a sitting duck; pretty much anyone can say anything about him and get away with it (and he's not even in government yet).

You can bet on the continuing stupidity of the Government to get your people through this self inflicted mess. But make no mistake, this was a hit; a very palpable hit.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the same John fat bastard Prescott who the late not so great Harold Wison called a " politically motivated man" when he was a shopstupid for the NUS in the 60's before he took up croquet? As Father Ted said when he was shown around the Nazi parerphanalia bunker "funny how you get more right wing when you get older".