Monday, 27 July 2009

Somewhere beyond appalling

So, let me get this straight: the government send soldiers into war, ill-equipped and without the necessary support. They get injured. There are medical consequences of those injuries. The government is now prepared to compensate the soldier for the injury, but not the consequences of the injury?

How the fuck does that work? Does the fact that someone got hurt in the line of duty, directed by the government, not leave the government with a duty of care? Even if they were properly equipped and protected, these men and women have taken one for the team.

It's not a one-way street, you fucking cunts.

Update: Timmy is pithy as usual.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the government (lefties have never respected the forces) are banking on the Daily Mail, "Compensation? Good god, No" mindset to win the day.

They've sorely misjudged the situation. Again.

Useless cunts.


Fausty said...

Not to mention those who end up with psychological injuries such as depression.

The government warned them that they would be investigated and would face sanction if the government deemed that they seemed OK.

Are their ''detectives qualified to detect depression?

Utter, shameless, unscrupulous cunts.

Anonymous said...

Still on WW One the troops were always shat on.Nothing changes. Saw a few squaddies in dress ones at the Edinburgh "do" I attended. Some looked OK but a few definately were not "warriors" in any physical sense. Playstation generation as my old Corporal in the TA said.

MrAngryman said...

This government= dishonest cunts.
They are the cheese under the helmet of humanity, the shitstain on the crumpled sheet, the rancid, festering, bedsore on the arsehole of the world. They represent the absolute nadir of responsible government. Gordon 'felchmonger' brown and the rest of the scabrous, pustular, whoremongering bunch should be dipped feet first, slowly in acid so that the electorate can hear their screams.