Sunday, 16 August 2009

A false dichotomy

I can't understand why all these people who bang on about the NHS being great make it sound like the American system is the only alternative. The litigious American health care system is better than ours, but is more expensive per capita. But there are many other systems out there, and some Tories have actually suggested something which sounds fairly similar to my own thinking.

But really, don't pretend there's only the NHS way or the US way - there are better options out there!


Anonymous said...

If the NHS is so great, why do they feel the need to bash the U.S.'s?

The other thing about this debate, on both sides of the pond, is no mention of the Republican's alternative plan, which includes tort reform, tax deductions for insurance premiums, well you can read it here, if interested.

Chalcedon said...

Theree are better options. The German and French healthcare systems are fantastic. But you have to have health insurance unless you are dirt poor. There are bugger all waiting lists and consultants in high street offices you can just go and see without a GP referal. The NHS should be remodelled along these lines. Also these health systems are not bloated but they are more expensive per capita than the NHS.

Anonymous said...

Kids with toys, little more, where is the sensible debate these days?