Thursday, 27 August 2009

From the vaults (an occasional series) - Everything

I have reached a point of utter fucking despair: I am now waiting (with some trepidation, I must admit) for the advent of the Goths and Vandals that will signal the end of Western civilisation and bring in a new Dark Age. I see a lot of parallels with the end of the Roman era: widespread and outrageous decadence is preferred to any kind of fucking self-restraint; cunting leadership which is far more interested in things that benefit them than any kind of pretence of moving their countries forward in any way, shape or form; nothing left to conquer; no goals or aspirations left to inspire us and no fucking drive to do so, even if there were such goals. (Just recently I read a moan about conquering space -- what would you rather we do to stretch ourselves, recolonise the third world?)

There are so many symptoms of this fundamental malaise:
    Children now have to be fucking bribed to stay in school, and those children who want to learn aren't the ones getting bribed -- instead, we bribe the disruptive cloth-eared twats who spoil it for everyone else, to remain in school.

    Criminals are no longer punished for their crimes, they are given the most mild slap on the wrist and scum are given status symbols of their thuggery to parade around in front of other scum, like ASBOs or tagging devices. How fucking limp is that?

    Lazy people are encouraged to do nothing except breed more lazy people, as the state dishes out more and more money to people for doing less and less useful work. Why bother to get any kind of job and do something when you can get by comfortably by doing fuck all?

    Specious grandiose "projects" like the European Union and various government departments exist to hoover up more and more of our money, building enormous edifices on the shakiest of foundations for no useful reason and influencing our lives in unjustifiable ways.

It may well be that humanity can only ever progress in this way, driving forward in advance, until individual survival and making life bearable are reached at a personal level, and then our inherent stupidity kicks in and we start addressing "greater goals", like caring for the weak and infirm, those people that would naturally be destroyed by the harsh realities of life, leaving humanity stronger and more vibrant. Eventually, we start sapping our resources, people get distracted from achieving things, achievement itself becomes unimportant; the drive to achieve itself is considered suspect and then the whole quagmire implodes, leaving us vulnerable to destruction from another culture, which is still striving to reach those goals and still has the drive and urgency to conquer.

In the same way that Germany lost the war but won the peace, especially in the new, peacefully "integrated" Europe (aka the Fifth Reich), I wonder if Islam, which ostensibly lost the wars of the Middle Ages will do the same thing over the longer term? Historically, it seems that a certain degree of brutality and narrow-mindedness is always a pre-requisite for progress, and by the rather slack mores of Western civilisation, that certainly seems to be the case with Islam. Certainly, the Christian church is about as useful as bitchtits on a man when it comes to providing any kind of moral or other sense of direction these days.

Or will it be a resurgent Asia, with China flexing its muscles and India taking all our jobs? Will we be the first civilisation to hand over our world in the quest for this quarter's numbers? Yes, because we always regard success with suspicion, we must always get our value from our shares, mustn't we?

With the burgeoning advent of state care and control of every aspect of our daily lives, did we really win the battle against communism, or did the evil overlords just get all clever in how they dressed it up? You can't tell me that someone like the Sainted Gordon is not really just an old-school communist in disguise. Nor is that grinning fuck-faced cunt who is out to destroy the symbols and values of a thousand years of history.

All I know is that our need for progress has died, any kind of values have become irrelevant and outmoded, achievement has become something to mock rather than admire, and all focus has become solipsistic. It has become de riguer to regard any kind of success as a form of thuggery over our own ineptitude, rather than look at ourselves and our inadequacies sensibly.

I'm scared to encourage my own daughter to make something of her life, lest the NSPCC or Social Services take her away from me for brutalising her. What fuck is wrong with us?

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bill said...

OK nice rant, but if you dig a little deaper, you will see there is some good stuff in this world too. A lot actually. Where I'm from people strive for success, and alot of the back stabbing and brutality that goes on is a form of survival of the fittest. Wild spirits do exist in us still. Let the lazy people rot in council estates and housing projects, and so what if the Indians and Chinese are coming to the top of the tree. If they are the strongest they deserve all the jobs. Tell your daughter to take the fight to their home turf if they win the war for supremicy. There will be plenty of lazy Indians and Chinese in good time who's job she can steal, if she has ambition.

Anonymous said...

Akshully, the islam/european conflicts of the ME are pretty much a draw. Bar a few shortlived medieval kingdoms in the middle east and the loss of andalucia, balanced against the conquest of the Byzantines, if anything the wars were "won" by islam.

JuliaM said...

You know, I don't know when this post was from, but isn't it noticable how everything's.....


....exactly the same! :)

The Young Oligarch said...

I agree , Anonymous , Islam did triumph in the Middle Ages . It was the advent of the modern world , from the 17th C onwards , that they couldn't cope with .

Anonymous said...

Wrong on "criminals" not being punished. Try reading out a list of the war dead (Maya Evans), saying Rubbish to the Home Sceretary (Walter Wolfgang) or chalking a rainbow on a pavement ( two 7 year olds) and Insp Truscott will be their in strength. In seconds.

Anonymous said...

I think it's fair to say that anything written since around 2001/2002 would still remain true today.

Excellent work Obo - I was banging the 'entering the unenlightenment' drum around the same time.. gets boring and frustrating.

b.t.w. I wonder how many commenters will end up over at GC... lambs to the slaughter, Mr Clown? lol

Animal Magic said...

I was having a reasonably good day until I read this. Now I'm very depressed and will probably get very drunk.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm very depressed and will probably get very drunk.

This is absolutely the correct response :o).

Prodicus said...

How I wish I disagreed with you. You're affirming all my worst tendencies and making me depressed. Stop it. Stop being right. Just stop it, will you? D'you hear me?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, things are fucked, but the Germans recovered from the Weimer Republic and Nazi Germany, so we should be able to get over the incompetence of New Labour.
Things will get very tough for the next 10 or 20 years though, no getting around that. It could be a good time to sell your daughter into the white slave trade and put down a deposit on a beach hut in Thailand.