Monday, 10 August 2009

"Hazel Blears's car attacked"

WTF? I thought this was some kind of joke, but no, apparently her car was vandalised by some people while she was out canvassing.

Now, as someone who has had the odd car keyed or even accidental damage due to carelessness, I am quite happy for someone to get strung up for damaging a car. But I'm filled with a curious conflict here: she drives a Picasso. Is it even worth fucking up such a god-awful piece of crap? And isn't fucking up her car really cowardly? I'd much rather someone took her to task face to face for being a fucking thief.

I am, however, amused by the chipmunk's response to this:

But the Salford MP told the Manchester Evening News it was not part of a vendetta against her.

Instead she blamed the incident on "teenagers with nothing to do on a hot afternoon".

She added: "This is just the actions of a tiny minority."

What a curious thing to say! So, Haze, are you cool with teenagers having nothing to do on a hot afternoon going around fucking up people's cars? Because all I can say to you is that if you do think that's acceptable, I fucking hope it happens to you every day for the rest of your fucking life. I hope they brick your windows too. In fact, I may even pop round and help them out.

No Haze, I think you know full well that this is the action of people frustrated by the fact that no matter what they do or say, who they vote for, the political class will just carry on butt-fucking the taxpayer blithely. Petty violence against inanimate objects is demeaning, but it's the only thing left for most people trapped by an oppressive, aggressive, bullying, nannying, hectoring and above all, thieving state.

You smug ginger cunt.

: Guthrum concurs.


Anonymous said...

"Instead she blamed the incident on "teenagers with nothing to do on a hot afternoon".

What an incredible comment from the former 'Communities Secretary'?!

Is that the kind of community she alluded to on her watch? One where it is of little consequence that bored teenagers vandalise other peoples property.

This woman was pointless in office and that comment merely confirms things.



Blind Pugh said...

I hope the next time they vandalise her car, she's in it. Set fire to the thing after locking the doors and watch the ginger cunt fry. Then do the same to the rest of the fucking grasping MPs and Lords. Cunts.

Raggy said...

If you read the comments of Mr Norman Eyewitness it gives the impression that local residents stood and watched while the teenagers did their worst. Surely not?

Anonymous said...

ITN News reporter pointed out that local police said no other cars had been "vandalised".

The sight of the ginger midget sitting in a car with 2 flat tyres was quite comical.

Wesley Groves said...

Had a go at slashing the tyres on plods machine. Jolly difficult, must get sharper knife!