Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Spot on!

Over at the Two Cockwavers:

  • The focus is on the citizen, not the criminal or potential criminal - the police are taking the line that it is the actions of the citizen that are in question, not the thief.
  • By targeting the citizen, the police are sending the message that the act of theft is less morally wrong, and the absent-mindedness of the citizen is more questionable.
  • By emphasising security, the police reinforce the message that low crime days are over, and that it is hopeless to even consider making society open, warm and safe.

Absolutely correct. The police are no longer interested in policing and the government is no longer interested in us having a society in which we do not feel like we're in a state of constant siege.


Kevin Boatang said...

My cock's bigger then your cock. That's why I wave it. Or something like that.

Not sure what JD's excuse is.

Mitch said...

Damn right, just come back from sunny Cyprus and people still leave cars and bikes where they please and they are still there later.Sadly the dead hand of the EU is becoming apparent Gatsos,non jobs at the airport Cps doing more and more on the Military bases and FUKIN SPEED BUMPS EVERYWHERE!!!!.
Still a great place but not for long I fear.

JPT said...

Typical is: 'Car Thieves Operate in This Area' - well arrest the fuckers then!

microdave said...

'Car Thieves Operate in This Area'

And some of them ARE the police!!

However the Grauniad claims this is illegal:

Can we now expect the police to start arresting themselves?

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

The change from Force to Service is indicative.

Evan Davis is a meerkat btw...

JuliaM said...

"The change from Force to Service is indicative."

'Service' meant in the animal husbandry sense of the term, I expect...

Anonymous said...

Policing is a tool for social control.... justice etc is a smokescreen. The upper echelons of the police are not 'thief-takers' or have that as a mind set.

Ensuring political correctness and diversity targets are met is their holy grail.

25 years ago there was an old fashioned superintendent who used to walk his town on a friday night and arrest drunken yobs himself. If you can identify a senior officer that does that now i will piss my pants in the town square.

All the institutions that were once respected have fallen. The 1960's was the catalys and the marxists are in charge. I am really surprised that Harman hasn't ordered all married men to install cctv in their homes so the government can monitor them for signs of Domestic Violence.