Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bloody hell, even I understood that!

Mark Wadsworth has a belting post on how to reduce the pain of the benefits trap:

although the background research is all spot on, the proposals are in fact complete bullshit.

Well, there's a surprise!

But it turns out it's pretty damn fucking easy to sort all this out mostly using stuff that is already there!

The only thing left to tidy up is the transfer of the 'rent' element of the PAYE from one government department (HM Revenue & Customs) back to the local authority in whose council house he lives, but that can't be rocket science.

Wow. Fuck. Still, it gives you an idea of why any government is so fucking useless at this kind of thing: their policies are needlessly complex, they're badly thought through, they miss the point and they're designed by fucking idiots.


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Mark Wadsworth said...


Can I charge you £1 billion for sorting out the software to integrate PAYE and benefits withdrawal when you're PM? It'll be £500 million extra if you want me to sort out the rent transfer bit.