Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I can't see why more countries don't emulate us

Yes, we all love socialised medicine. It's all free*, don't ya know? Lovely. Mind you, there are one or two minor issues:

Doctors were making mistakes in up to 15 per cent of cases because they were too quick to judge patients’ symptoms, they said, while others were reluctant to ask more senior colleagues for help.

While in most cases the misdiagnosis did not result in the patient suffering serious harm, a sizeable number of the millions of NHS patients were likely to suffer significant health problems as a result, according to figures. It was said that the number of misdiagnoses was “just the tip of the iceberg”, with many people still reluctant to report mistakes by their doctors.

But the real decider is the market. And until doctors feel financial pain as a consequence of their incompetence, it will never get better. And the guys who do know what they're doing will never stand out.

Because it's all "free".*

*I know it's not fucking free. But there are actual dimwits out there who think that the fact that they don't need to take their wallet with them is a fucking good thing.


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