Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Informix Roundup: 16 September 2009

Holy crap! I haven't done one of these since AUGUST! Absolutely shameful, sorry folks!

xC5 released. Fernando's take.

Informix is the top rated vendor again.

Get lab chat materials here.

TrafficMaster press release.

Cloud stuff.

Fernando on time.

Data Warehousing seminar (tomorrow)

Eric looks at Informix in Telecomms and comes away ... unmoved?

IDS fundamentals certification preparation series.

Get a Brazilian. Blog, I mean!

Installing IDS on Ubuntu.

Dead for six years? Somebody better tell IBM.

PHP DataGrid supports Informix.

Informix integrated with OpenSim. What this actually means.

Informix job in Pune.

dbschema bug.

Centera supports Informix. Odd place to announce it, though.

4GL job.

IIUG 2010 announcement.

Oy vey, have I got a job for you!

Hey mon, why you lookin' so stressed? You want a job?