Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I've never been in any kind of a similar situation



Pam Nash said...

That is the work of a genius - so that rules you out of having made it, then ;o)

Bob's Head Revisited said...


Bob's Head Revisited said...

I've actually had clients say that sort of shit to me. Every designer who has ever freelanced probably has.

Approval by committee is the worst. You end up doing about five different version of everything (for the same dosh) because some clueless marketing twunt doesn't like blue.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Bespoke application development is exactly the same. Cunts want everything but the kitchen sink included and expect you to regard it as a "strategic investment" - do it for stupid money and maybe we'll cut you in on the real action in the future.


Dear Prime Minister said...

It's so easy to wind 'web-developers' up like this!

Do it all the time. One day I'll get it all for free, or maybe they'll pay me for the privilege of working on my site!