Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sniff ... sniff ...

I wonder if the Gorgon can smell which way the wind is blowing yet?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday recorded a resounding triumph in her country's general elections and will be able to leave her coalition partners behind after they suffered their worst parliamentary election result since the Second World War.

Mmm ... yummy. I wonder why?

Together with the FDP, Mrs Merkel is expected to push for a new era of deeper economic reforms and tax cuts for Europe's biggest economy. Mrs Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the FDP benefited from dissatisfaction over spiralling national debt and stagnant income levels.

Ah. So the old tax-and-spend horseshit isn't convincing the voters, is it?

The CDU retained its position as Germany's largest party with 33.5 per cent and the Free Democrats jumped to 15 per cent.

The result marked a humiliating blow for Germany's venerable Social Democratic Party, which took just 22.5 per cent.

Hmmm ... a message to SocDems everywhere: even the Germans don't want this shit any more. Think about that, the fucking GERMANS don't want that shit any more.

Predictions of a tight outcome were confounded by frustrated voters embracing Mrs Merkel's case for a stronger hand to deal with Germany's long-term financial problems.

"There is a great need to change. We need to deal in a new way with the problem of long-term unemployment and the fact that people need to have more money in their pockets," said Stefan Muller, a voter in Berlin who has been unemployed for two years. "I haven't been able to find work because companies don't want to employ people over 40 because of the costs imposed by regulations. I voted reluctantly because it was a tough choice but something needs to happen."

Really? You mean there are unintended consequences of regulation? Well, fuck me sideways with a rancid kipper.

Anyway ... that rancid kipper is a good metaphor for the equally rancid and fishy Labour Party. And News of the Screws notwithstanding, I reckon the time for socialism is at an end. It's time for government tighten its belt, take its hands from the controls and get the fucking fuck out of the way ...

And Gordoom ... that cold wind that's chilling your spine? Take heed, you monocular freak - it's the cold, bitter wind of the wilderness and it's coming for you.


Matt said...

Amen Obo!

Barking Spider said...

Someone needs to tell Obama, too, the Trot!

Mitch said...

Gorgon can also look forward to dozens of books about his failures and faults hitting the shelves before his seat at no10 is cold.

Aiden said...

Don't be too happy.

The socialist vote was split between the SPD and Linke (hard left/eastern communist party). Combine them and they got 35% of the vote compared to Merkel's 32%.

At the national level the SPD refuse to work with the Linke, on the grounds that they are mad communist scum, but at the regional level have often thrown away their scruples when they see cooperation with the commies is the only way to power.

Had the free market FDP not also experienced a surge yesterday, you might have been waking up to a communist run Germany.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Aiden: Duly noted, but:

"Portugal's Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates won a second term in a general election on Sunday but his centre-Left party lost its absolute majority in parliament.

Mr Socrates, who won about 37 per cent of the vote ...


Socrates, 52, was elected in a landslide in 2005, winning 45 per cent of the vote."

I think its the start of a swing away from SocDem stupidity ... at least I hope it is!

Anonymous said...

Don't be too hasty writing the obituary of socialism. Big Business is bucking for the Yes vote re:Lisbon. Germany opted for Angie as she has given stability. I never thought I'd write this in my lifetime but Germany is not a de facto police state but Britain IS. Finally, when times are hard folks opt for either extreme left or right. Aux barricades.