Friday, 4 September 2009

What happens when the state is the only source of law enforcement

(Not my work!)

This weekend I worked at a rural music festival. Chatting to one of the organisers as the event wore on, we discussed the Cost of Things.
"You know what the single largest expense was?"


He gestures to pairs of burly young men standing throughout the grounds. Well dressed in a black jacket, tie, smart trousers and shoes; high-viz jacket and their signature hard-hats. "We had to tell them how big the event was, and then they tell us how many of their guys are needed to protect us, and send us an invoice."

"And what if you didn't pay? Or hired private security?"

"They'd close us down."

"They can do that?"

"Of course they can, they're the Police."

Overpricing? What else do you expect from a monopoly?

As always, the Private Sector does it better and cheaper.


Anonymous said...

New Scotland Yard delenda est.

hermit said...

ffs, talk about a protection racket.

security farce said...

Most pubs in town centres have to spend half of their profits on 'security' otherwise the council will close them down. My local regularly pays it's doormen more than they make in takings. Hence the death of independent town centre pubs and the growth of Wetherspoons etc.
If the courts actually locked up thugs and drunks then there would be no need for 'security'.
But in this sad country they don't.

Old Holborn said...

Obo, Give yourself up!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

As if I'd ever go to Manchester voluntarily! ;o)

Harri said...

Who was it who said it ' will all kick off in Luton' ?

Fucking correct !


Welcome to the "new and exciting" Civil Contingencies force"

Apparently the new CCA team are there to deal with ' floods' and such like ?

Yeah, thats why in the photo, the local CCA police 'Team' are all waving about Riot gear ?

Check it out, its REALLY exciting as much as it a load of bollocks !


The Joint Civil Contingencies and Public Order Planning Unit will serve both Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Police - another step closer to a merged force.

The unit will work with local authorities and other agencies to prepare for emergencies such as floods; plan for major events such as public demonstrations or large scale concerts; and coordinate the provision of officers with particular areas of expertise to certain areas.

The unit will be based at Hitchin Police Station, close to the border of the two counties, and will combine skills and expertise from across both forces.

The move follows the recent establishment of a number of new collaborative ventures in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, including a joint Dog Unit and Firearms Support Unit.

Gotta go, the water is lapping it up around at the front door ( and thats not good seeming as we are probably the most landlocked fucking County in the Whole of the UK !... Still, cant be too carefull, a stray sandbag or two is fuck all in comparison to some half witted righteous PCSO armed with a fully charged bastard tazer at the ready !

Tazer, tazer tazer...

Oh, just fuck off and die, you 4ft 18 stone half witted unemployable twat !

Even fucking drowning would be too quick a death ?

Give me fucking strength... how did it come to this !

Anonymous said...

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Extra credit if you can work out the puzzle.

Chalcedon said...

That's plain old extortion with menaces.

Pat said...

So when we read that some event cost £xxxxx to police, that doesn't mean that the organisers cost us, the publiv, £xxxxx as is usually implied. Rather it implies that they paid us that money.
I womder how much they charged the anti-globalisation protestors? Or is there a benefit from actually being violent?