Friday, 9 October 2009

Been and gorn and ...


General Sir Richard Dannatt said last night he was asked by David Cameron for help because the Conservative leader's team "lacked expert understanding" of defence. He also questioned the utility of the Trident nuclear deterrent hours after it was embraced by the Tory leadership.

See, now here's the thing: we've had a lot of GOATs. And it's never fucking worked out. Quick, name me a GOAT-type who wasn't just picked because he was in the headlines that week? And now name me a GOAT who hasn't "fucked up" in causing his political masters some discomfort by saying something which hasn't been properly "nuanced"? And now name me a GOAT who has done something useful.

And for your own copy of a white fiver, name me one GOAT who has achieved all three? Hardest fucking five quid you'll ever earn.

So, it's clear to me that by following in the Gorgon's footsteps by bringing a GOAT into his team, iDave has shown that hes that fucking stupid that he hasn't learned anything from Labour's repeated failures in this area OR he's one of these cunts who thinks "we can do it better than the other guys". Or both.

Neither is a particularly desirable trait in a leader in waiting, is it? Does it give you any comfort to think that Call Me Dave is just as fucking stupid and trend-following as any Labour apparatchik? That he thinks the Gorgon's way of running the country is worth emulating? That he doesn't have his own clear direction and "moral compass" and leadership technique?

I'm afraid that if you think the country is going to be any better run by the Tories than it has been by Labour, you're in for a disappointment. If it is, it's going to be by chance, not by design.


Sperm Lewis said...

That Twat, Digby Jones was a GOAT, wasn't he? I once knew a Digby Jones. Turnstile jobsworth at an amusement park on Barry Island. Presided over a menagerie of plaster of Paris animals and broken slot machines. Eventually they had to break down the door of his ticket booth, found a sarcophagus of beer bottles with a skeleton underneath.

O/T MoD leak prention document leaked. Ha ha. Twats.

Anonymous said...

all fuckin goats, including DMC (Blair 2.0)