Monday, 19 October 2009

The Electoral Commission ... WTF?

Seems like the Electoral Commission has come down pretty hard on UKIP over something that they really had no fucking control over. I mean, the bloke was removed from the voters roll without his knowledge. Can you tell me now, hand on heart, whether your absolutely certain you're on the voters roll?

I wonder why they never come down quite that hard on blatant vote-buying of Labour? Or the Tories for that matter?

I wonder if there is some sort of game-playing by civil "servants" when it comes to smaller parties who might upset the statist apple cart.

And frankly, that the money is not returned to the donor but is, instead, just given to the government, seems a little like ... theft?


Swiss T said...

Christ it's just relentless isn't it. An endless slurrying stream of shit dumped on anyone who is a) Euro-sceptic, b) a climate change denier, c) a defender of free speech/libertarian.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Don't forget the Lib Dims taking millions from an outright criminal...but that was OK too, they didn't even have to pay it back or anything.

The Electoral Commission are just another establishment stooge. They have failed to act in the face of blatant vote-rigging in places like Birmingham (recounts in the dead of night after the PC PCs have all left which have the stunning outcome that all the BNP votes were counted twice but not the Labour ones, hohoho).

They've spent years on this now, trying to put UKIP out of business. Utter, utter shits.