Thursday, 8 October 2009

iDave gives a speech


For all the blather about radical politics, iDave remains practically undistinguishable from Teflon Tony. The speech was underwhelming and left me feeling like we're heading for a government where the leader will still be rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, but at least he won't be launching bazookas at the lifeboats in between the useless stuff.


Isn't life in 21st century Britain grand?


Quiet_Man said...

Funny how you never see "Call me Dave" and "Teflon Tone" in the same room at the same time, I think you might be on to something here.

Tiresias said...

Only UKIP are committed to the immediate destruction of wind farms.

Wind farms suck dead dingo's donger. Dave is a wind farm ho. Dave lifts his shirt on demand.

SteveShark said...

I pricked up my ears when he started to talk about 'big government', then grew gradually less interested as he declined to commit to 'small government'.

To be honest, I found it all a bit depressing.

Yes, it was better than Brown's lame effort last week, but I wasn't convinced by Cameron and still doubt that he has the bollocks to do anything really effective.

I'm after a more subtractive approach. I don't want lots of new stuff - I want lots of the old shit removed.

James Higham said...

Does Blair quaff champagne?

Anonymous said...

The only choice available at the moment is "what colour tie do you want your dictator to wear". The speech has some "hope" - right up to the "global warming" shit. Now "call me Dave and hug a hoodie" is not an simpleton - yet, if he believes the crap about global warming, he is as useful as a chocolate fireguard when it comes to giving the people of this country what they want. It is the biggest con in history. There is NO scientific evidence to even "suggest" that such a thing is true - yet it will be the single most expensive thing that anyone on the planet will have to deal with in the next few years. All these "carbon taxes" will go to those who seek to rule us (and their friends) - NONE of it will EVER benefit those from whom it is taken - how could it - it's a scam of biblical proportions?
We are, without doubt, polluting the planet, destroying wildlife and making an unholy mess but - oddly, as this does not bring in money, it is largely ignored. Carbon is our enemy (so they say). Yet, without it, life cannot exist, It's a bit like saying that, "we must stop using food. If we continue to eat, it will cause the deaths of millions over the next 100 years" - off course it will!! - They will fecking die of old age anyway!! I also love the idea of "wind farms". No-one in the public eye will ever admit that, the energy needed to build one of these monsters (and that would be fossil fuel energy) could ever, in the memory of man be returned in the generation of electricity. Put simply, if we had simply not bothered with a single one of these monster, our energy consumption would, even after they have "given their all" would be less. Tidal power is a possible and less intrusive "green" way of energy production. Naturally, the nuclear option, properly managed, is the best and, if we spent half the money we do on wind farms, we could probably crack fission power - allowing us to "tap into" the power of the sun itself (or the entire power source of the Universe) - but that would upset the oil barons - so it won't happen any time soon.
Like Cameron, I welcome "new technology" and new ways of meeting our energy needs but, simply taxing people on an unproven, unscientific and unlawful "religion" belongs in the middle ages - not the 21st century.
Sorry Cameron - some of what you said "hit home" but, your "green" credentials prove you are "one of them". I don't care what colour tie you wear, you don't get my vote - mine will go to someone who tells the truth and, instead of attempting to move mankind backwards, actually stands up for the billions on this planet that don't agree (or in many cases - don't understand).

Oleuanna said...

It's better than living in Belfast....