Thursday, 1 October 2009

It's just a jump to the left

And so it begins. Labour has finally relinquished any hope of winning the election. They have fucked Murdoch off and the sight of a union fuckwit tearing up a copy of the Sun (that he presumably paid for, the fucking spaztastic cuntwafter) live on the idiot lantern will have pleased Rupert no end. Me, I'm not so sure I'd be going after someone who controls the Scum, the News of the Screws, the Thunderer and a fucking influential and well-regarded TV news channel, but that's just me.

I'm not a fucking moron.

Unlike the fucking has-Bean Prime Mentalist who picked a fight with Adam Boulton.

So, having thoroughly fucked the special relationship between Labour and News International, the Snot-Gobblin' King then proceeded to storm out of a BBC interview as well. Nice going, doc, on those pills, but I think you may need to up the dose just a teensy-weensy bit.

And now the union cuntflaps are starting to flex their muscle as they are the only thing standing between the Labour Party and complete financial oblivion:

More evidence today that the TUC is dictating government policy on public services. Nick Timmins in the FT notes that Andy Burnham’s new guidance to health authorities requires them to treat NHS organisations as the “preferred providers” of care, reversing the Blair/Milburn reforms which opened up health care to private suppliers. By insisting that NHS providers have ‘at least two chances to improve’ before failing services are put out to tender, and that NHS staff should have the opportunity to bid not just once but twice for any new service contracts, Burnham is effectively excluding private providers from the process. It’s no surprise that Unison welcomes the move as a ‘significant policy shift.’

Yep. The unions are starting to shape fin de siècle Labour direction. And while I would love to see a genuine reversion to type on the part of both parties, I can't see the ultra-slippery iDave doing anything as desirable on his watch. So, British politics will be a centrist dance of democratic death between the SocDems and Blue Labour, while Labour harps on from the distant left.


I didn't think things could get worse, but I fear I was wrong.


HeartAttackSurvivor said...

.."then proceeded to storm out of a BBC interview as well." Hang on, I missed that - got a link?

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Tee hee, that would be worth seeing.

Pravda (predictably) have nothing. So obviously the monocular mentalist still has influence somewhere.

Stockwell Stu said...

Have you seen this shit Obo?

Anonymous said...

Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal, which could hurt Brown and the UK ten times worse than sky news. It is the most important financial journal in the world, and every government, hedge fund, stockmarket type, USA merchant banker, they all read it every day on the iphones and blackberrys. Watch the pound collapse and the bond yields shoot through the roof if the financial world turns on us. And our government is picking a fight with its owner. All Murdoch need do is make a big deal of what is blindingly obvious. It's not like he doesn't have any mud to sling.

Sperm Lewis said...

While pissing about on a terminal in the Tiger Bay Idiot Creche, formerly Public Library, I retrieved 'A Letter to Posterity' by occult writer Dennis Wheatley.

As a mere dole-sucking tapeworm and shiftless deadbeat, I am no judge of political profundity but the last couple of pages have a certain prescience. Link here:

Sperm Lewis said...

Take 2

SteveShark said...

It's a remarkable document.‘planning’-an-amazing-find/

If you can get past the English gentleman/dining at my club facade, Wheatley himself is a very interesting character.

I recommend reading the whole document.

Anonymous said...

The sight of Brown clenching his teeth and hissing at hapless journos (who work for a living) was priceless. Loved the way Peter M replied "Chumps, I said chumps", yup not Cunts then? Brill!

Sperm Lewis said...

Chumps now, is it?

Here's a little number from late lamented LA crooner, Francis Zappa. Mandy, this one's for you.

You say there ain't no use in livin'
It's all a waste of time
'N you wanna throw your life away, well
People that's just fine
Go ahead on 'n get it over with then
Find you a bridge 'n take a jump
Just make sure you do it right the first time
'Cause nothin's worse than a Suicide Chump