Saturday, 3 October 2009


Via Guido, I see this rather nifty bit of Web2.0-ness:

Register for the service and it will send you free text reminders for events you add to your schedule. The service integrates with Blackberry, iPhone and desktop calendars. Or you can just print out the schedule on paper.

It integrates with social media networks Facebook and Twitter, tells you what the most popular event is, letting you search the Fringe to find out who is speaking where and when. If you want to know where Hannan is, just search for his name. You will get a free text reminder telling where you are supposed to be before the event starts. It is hangover proof.

It is very social, you can see where your mates are going : For example you can see where Guido is going

I think that's pretty damn cool, myself. I wonder if fringelist will be making the technology available to other, non-political conferences?

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Mike S said...

It's powered by you daft cunt.