Wednesday, 21 October 2009

So, maybe he's not all bad, then?

BNP chief Nick Griffin says Tony Blair and Gordon Brown should be HANGED for waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Indeed. And for many other things besides.

Amusing that he should be the one making comparisons with Nazi Germany, but I suppose the subject is a bit nearer and dearer to him than for most other people. I wonder how anti-war protesters calling for the prosecution of Blair and the many Muslims who (quite justifiably) resent the invasion of predominantly Muslim countries in the name of oil and spreading Western hegemony, feel about making common cause with yet another monocular mentalist.

Overall, I think it was quite a clever move. The self-righteous indignation that's frothing up is because Griffin said what an awful lot of people are really thinking, but they don't want to be associated with "BNP nastiness". He's provoked people into a knee-jerk reaction, but if he keeps banging out things that "the common people" are thinking anyway, the bad press he gets will, I reckon, be countered by actual voters thinking: "Well, he calls it how I see it, what do the fucking papers know anyway? And the Tories and Labour are all the same anyway, only looking after themselves. Maybe I'll give this bloke a go."

Possibly they will be holding their nose (as Marxist Dave Osler so amusingly keeps saying while voting for a largely right-wing, authoritarian Labour Party) - but they will listen to a politician who at least sounds like he's in touch with what real people are thinking.

The out-of-touch, focus-group-driven, Westminster-bubbled "Red" Labour Party and the indistinguishable Blue Labour and Yellow Labour parties with their imaginary worlds have no-one to blame for the impending success of the BNP but themselves.


Anonymous said...

I agree with what he says, but he's blatantly lying. He doesn't really believe any of that.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

He's a politician, of course he's fucking lying.

Does that matter to the Great British sheeple?

Anonymous said...

I signed up for a message from him, he doesn't call himself the High Chancellor, he's The Chairman, oh yes.

The Speccie is going mad over him, they have a funny smear that he wants to hang all veterans, including from the Falklands War.

I'm getting bored of the whole business, I want to get back to my mission, giving English lessons to go go girls in Thailand, to save them from a life of sexual slavery. It's hard, but I've got to get on with the job.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The BNP, and indeed Islamists, are the inevitable by-product of the LibLabConsensus.

I hate to admit this, but Nick G was on top form yesterday when he had his thirty seconds on the telly. The interviewer asked him if it was really OK to slag off generals and he replied, with a cheeky grin, "Well they started it!".

Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors: is it all a put up job?

Was it coincidence that the expenses scandal broke just in time to distract everyone from the Euro elections?

And now it's BNP promotion week while UKIP are being shafted by those nice people at the Electoral Commission because UKIP's main donor (been donating for years and always on the electoral register so no need to keep checking but suddenly wasn't because some bureaucrat 'accidentally' left him off) was suddenly a 'foreigner' according to Electoral Commission rules because he wasn't on the electoral register (having been accidentally removed from same by some anonymous bureaucrat).

That means I'm a foreigner because I'm not on an electoral register. And presumably any foreigner who gets himself on the electoral register isn't one any more.

How confusing...

But UKIP can't just gove the money back to Alan Bown, oh no - it must go to those nice people at the Treasury.

Er, didn't some racing donor to the Labour party get his dispensation for tobacco advertising and his million back? Or am I thnking about another universe entirely?