Monday, 12 October 2009

Unintended consequences

Right. So when a bunch of greenies occupied a power station and were declared untouchable because their motives were pure, who thought that it set a dangerous precedent?

I'm pretty sure Ed Miliband was stroking himself off in the shower thinking about the new-found importance of "climate change" in the world's pantheon of important things. It's so important that people can be absolved of criminal charges because their hearts were in the right place.

I bet the useless fucker wasn't expecting them to cunt up his office as their next move, was he? And now, according to Paul Waugh:
Loads of coppers looking impotent, watching environmentalists on Commons roof.
I wonder whether the proponents of "one rule for us, another rule for them" are actually going to do something about this or whether they're just going to accept it as a cost of their new über-tax?

Jack Regan must be spinning in his metaphorical grave, too:
Funny that plod turns out in numbers AFTER a protest.

Funny, indeed. I'd have thought someone would have grassed about this, wouldn't you? Maybe they're just worried about press coverage.


Anonymous said...

Two climate protestors are taking part in an overnight protest on the top of a power station. One says to the other:
"It's cold tonight, isn't it"
The other replies

Mac the Knife said...

"Funny that plod turns out in numbers AFTER a protest."

Funny that eco-fucks just seem able to walk in to the place at will I'd say.

Inside job anyone?