Wednesday, 18 November 2009

£2000 a year?

For taking money off me, for drafting laws that I don't want, for making my legislature useless, for thirteen fucking years of unaudited accounts, for the draconian EWA, for ignoring the democratic wishes of member states, for pushing ahead with greater integration, for persecution of whistleblowers, for promoting climate change hysteria, for all the nannying fuckery, for complete unaccountability:

fucking thanks, you motherfucking cunts.


Dominic Allkins said...

Obo - if you haven't already, get yourself down to the Tax Payers Alliance Great EU Debate site and order a free copy of Ten Years On, Britain Without the European Union.

Like to prompt some more expletives I'm sure - but a good read.

Anonymous said...

15 years isn't it? Admittedly your link is dated 2007

Anonymous said...

For taking money off me, for drafting laws that I don't want, for making my legislature useless, for ruining the economy, for the draconian terrorist legislation, for ignoring the democratic wishes of constituent states, for refusing to push ahead with greater decentralisation, for persecution of whistleblowers, for refusing to put its money where its mouth is on climate change, for all the nannying fuckery, for complete unaccountability...

Yup! That sounds like the UK Government to me!

Saor Alba.

Nick said...

Fuck that i want my FUCKING MONEY BACK AND I WNAT IT ALL BACK NOW i can waste my own fucking money fine without some euro bastard doing it for me

Joe Public said...

Give a country no more money / grants until its accounts get signed off. Simples.

Anonymous said...


is there not a danger that people might watch this and think fuck me, lets burn down westminster and just make do with brussels for a fraction of the cost?

If I was only paying £2k in tax a year I'd be pretty happy

Generalfeldmarschall said...

You're far too kind, Obo.

Snarky Basterd said...

Let's just call it a takeover and tell them fuck you very much on all accounts.

BTW: I have new digs. I'd be grateful if you could update your b-roll.

Snarky Basterd (formerly Dr. Dave)

Mitch said...

Surely our participation in this farce is just a war in slow motion?.

Personally I deface or destroy anything eu related that I find, petty I know but sooooooo satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Dear Clown

As of 1 December they will OWN you. You will be a Euro.

That is what Lisbon is all about. There will not be an England in a few months, just a fist full of euro regions including the city region called 'London'. The region of Scotland will become 'independent' of what was England, and become dependent on the EU (still paid for with money from the southern regions courtesy of Tiny Blur's gift of our rebate - mainly from 'London' and the 'South East' regions, though the wealth of 'London' is being destroyed and it will probably become a net drain on the EU within the decade). The regions of Wales and Northern Ireland will also be dependent upon the EU funded from the same source. The region of Northern Ireland will probably be merged with the region of Ireland as a beurocratic tidying up exercise.

And you will still get 20,000 new laws every year and will be expected to read, understand and abide by them, whilest holding down your day job and raising your family in full compliance with all relevent legislation.

Enjoy! Euro.

Because if you don't you will be plainly mad and incarcerated in a mental hospital for failing to appreciate the magnificence of the EU (but not at all like Vladimir Bukovsky)

Hope that helps.