Saturday, 7 November 2009

As the stomach turns

There's something about this slimy fucker's face that provokes a strange mixture of reactions: on the one hand, I can't see myself ever tiring of smacking that with a (preferably aluminium so that it never wears out) baseball bat; on the other, there is a rage that this slimetard politician who failed to convince the electorate of his merits has found another way to impose his views and his commercial imperatives on us all; and on the other, other hand, I want to vomit.

And strangely, the latest news from the Goracle does nothing to crystallise or prioritise my reactions:

Al Gore has sought to inject fresh momentum into the Copenhagen build-up, saying he is certain Barack Obama will attend and predicting a rise in civil disobedience against fossil-fuel polluters unless drastic action is taken over global warming.

He's one of these cunts who is, like the current useless crop of British judges, giving carte blanche to the enviroloons to cause criminal damage without fear of repercussion. I can only point to the bitter lessons being learned by the ANC in South Africa: after 80-odd years of telling the bulk of the population that the rule of law does not apply to them, they are now the law that rules and the bulk of the population does not believe in the rule of law. However, I doubt the Goracle will survive long enough for his hubris to bite his own fat arse, so I can only hope that one day his grandchildren or great-grandchildren will be butchered by ravening enviroloons and die slow, painful deaths on his behalf.

Tell you what, Al, why don't I drain the fuel from your Mustang and use it to burn you at the stake. At least that way, you'll know that one of the cunts with the biggest "carbon footprint" in the world will be walking the walk, and not just talking the talk.

You arrogant, jumped up, fascist, authoritarian, corporatist fucking prodnose.


Mitch said...

the words "fucking hypocritical wankstain" don't even come close to describe this particular oxygen thief.
I cant think of a phrase or word that describes him adequately .

Oleuanna said...

He is a profiteering mountebank that created elaborate propaganda which now makes him even more affluent....with the fucking excuse of continuing the masquerade because of the plasctic peace prize he was awarded and now his mates got one.

That dog video you have on here visualises just how I feel about them both.

john miller said...

Al's problem is that his "carbon footprint" is 289 times the average person's.

So when he foments civil unrest by the eco warriors he is, bizzarely, hastening his own demise.

Not the best position to be in come jusdgement day...

microdave said...

Why doesn't the cunt move to London and share a bed with former deputy Mayor Jenny Jones. Then the two of them can blame the Met Police when they drown in it:

Warsteiner said...

I cannot agree more or trump your last paragraph - good post - nice to see your battery sacks have been recharged.

g1lgam3sh said...

I'm sorry but you were far too temperate, put him on an ice floe with a Polar Bear... at least they'll be size matched...he can actually give us a report about Nature based on fact...a whale of a time, blubber v blabber...he's not even real enough to hold in contempt

John Pickworth said...

I would have thought that an aluminium 'hockey stick' would make for a more poetic weapon?

Right, off now to rob the local Barclays. I hear they have vaults stuffed full of dead trees. Wouldn't want that lot accidently going up in flames and causing some coral to drown on the other side of the world. Yeah I know, its a tough job but we all have to do our bit for the environment.