Thursday, 19 November 2009


While trawling a couple of forums I frequent, I came across this little gem. The forum in question has a section devoted to group buys. Whenever a group buy is in progress, the buy will be made into an "announcement" and then people can either partake or not.

It's been like that since the forum opened more than five fucking years ago.

Today, a group buy was about to close when this gem of an exchange took place:

Spazmong: Is it worth sticking a post about this group buy in the General Discussion section? I think the Group Buys section's Announcements is a little out of the way for how people usually read the forum. I was completely unaware of it until I heard about it from Pete.

These people actually breed, you know.


Jayce Kay said...

I'm nearly crying with laughter Obo!

Mitch said...

oh dear !!

JuliaM said...

Are you sure they breed? I wouldn't trust them not to hold the instructions upside down...