Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning

Those of you who visit Twatter will almost certainly be aware of @BevaniteEllie, who is apparently a middle-class simpering ninny who styles herself The Stilettoed Socialist.

Dear Ellie is a bit of a Labour fangirl - her favourite sexual fantasy is a three-way with Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey.

Can you really imagine jilling off to this?

Anyway, nasty, violent trolls like me get blocked on Twitter by Ms Gerrard and her intellectual equal, Kerry McCarthy for saying unpleasant things and being mean. This did not stop the not-at-all-nasty-or-mean Ms Gerrard from ... well, read it yourself.

People in glass houses, Ms Gerrard, people in glass houses ...


Weston Bay said...

Actually I thought it was quite funny really. "skateboard..."etc ...old bag going arse over tit... neck broken... day of mourning... state funeral (txpayers expense, natch).


Thanks for brightening up my Tue. morning Obo.

You can all call me a cunt later

TG said...

What a twatter, I have posted a wee comment on her blog and I would encourage others to do the same until she apologises. I suggested a twatter apology could be good.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Interesting, this one.

Love the fully tanned up Photoshop effort on her Blogger profile. Her location is down as London. A trade union hotbed, if ever there was one.

Perhaps you're just not nasty enough Obo. After all, the angry male dominated blogosphere actually tends to put considerably more faith in people as a species being able to manage their own shit than this bunch of cretins.

Iqualitay n dimokracay and power to the workers, innit?

Martin said...

IMO, worse was this tweet of hers (when asked if Harman will resign over the speeding thing)

@iaindale no @harrietharman will not resign over a driving incident,she has work 2 do 2 achieve equality in this country.Sorry 2 disappoint

ffffff. Obviously, her definition of equality doesn't involve equality before the law.

Joe Public said...

Surely, the most erotic Ménage à Trois would involve Herman Van Rompuy and Lady Ashton?