Monday, 16 November 2009

Some good news, at least!

Via the Speccie:

The Times has a fascinating story on how Labour’s lack of cash is forcing it to give up on seats and groups of voters. The paper reports that seats with a majority of less than 3,000 have been effectively written off. So even before the campaign has begun, Labour is basically forfeiting 60 seats.

And what is their majority? 64 you say? And they're giving up 60 of those before they even start? Hmmm ... this could be a bit rough.

I don't really want a Tory (or LimpDumb) landslide, but I do want Labour crushed into irrelevance. I want the Gurning Bananawaver and every other remaining Labour MP to sit at his desk after the next election and think "how the fucking fuck will we ever, ever, EVER, get this show on the road ever again."

I want them to party like it's 1899.


Mitch said...

Those fuckpigs shouldn't even have desks just a bit of pavement out on the street somewhere.

Imagine gordon being responsible for Labour getting less than 50 seats and becoming a fringe party for nutters.......well more so!

Call me Infidel said...

Wishful thinking Mitch. I would be delighted if they were wiped out at the next election but I don't believe they will be. There will still be plenty of the dirtbags and the chances of a hung parliament seem increasingly likely. I fear we are in for Ted Heath all over again in the form of Cameron. probably followed by another bout of socialism a few years down the line.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

In reality of course, as we all know but inpmicitly can't freely or seriously admit online (watching for GCHQ, its now 100Tb flashdrive (see The Register) and all that jazz) the Labour Party, and indeed all other organisations and NGOs even remotely connected with native British GramsciFabaNazism, must be shut down. Permanently.

It's not enough for Labour to not be able to fight certain seats because it's now potless. There must _be_no_Labour_Party_ .

I am pissed of to above my back teeth, after all these years of fighting wicked, committed and determined lefites and other fascist scumbags and slairs, with their ability to infest a civilisation like the unkillable roots of Bindweed or Ground Elder. They won't apologise for their evilness, ever. they never did, never do and never will, and they are funcitonally unconvertible into liberal human beings.

No mechanism whatsoever must survive into 2011, at least in the UK, for them to re-coagulate, regroup, and start to re-attack what's left of liberal institutions and customs and markets.

I am simply tired of fighting these people: I have better things to do, I now have rheumatoid arthritis for which the British State's doctors spank me and then refuse to prescribe anything (because I'm an Old White Man) and I'm not getting any younger. Let all these lefties go somewhere, anywhere but this planet, and die or whatever. And take all their ideology with them.