Friday, 27 November 2009

Won't somebody think of the cheeeeeeeeeeldren

People mock when this cynical broadside gets deployed. But really, what is this if it's not "Won't somebody think of the cheeeeeeeeeeldren"?

3 questions about climate change were asked of children and young people across England…

And not a single one of them was "what if AGW is a scientific fraud?" No, instead they were asked:

What do you think that you can do about climate change?

What can people in your local community, government, and the international Copenhagen conference do about it?

What worries you the most about climate change?

And who is it who is indulging in this shameful manipulation of children's opinions? Why, it's the ever-lovely Ed Bollocks and his cuntish crew, who don't have the time to make sure kids are taught how to read, write and do sums, but are definitely brainwashed into believing this guff.



Dippyness. said...

Oh come on...these are future possible Labour voters! Last thing Balls want's 'em to learn is reading & writing! Adding up sums? You insane? As long as they can sign a benefit form that's enough to vote Labour!

AntiCitizenOne said...

How happy will you be about being the first generation ever in this country to be poorer than it's parents due to massive over-taxing?

bayard said...

I wonder when the government realised the brainwashing potential of state-controlled education, like the Germans did in the 1930's.

woman on a raft said...

The most unhappy people in the country are biology teachers. Not only do the poor saps have to do first-line sex education, but they are now obliged to mouth some platitudes about creationism, and just when they thought things could not get worse, half their curriculum is hi-jacked for AGW propaganda. It wouldn't be quite so insulting if there were any scientific method about it, but there isn't - it's pure theology the likes of which haven't been seen since poor Galileo had his dust-up with the Inquisition .

Galileo had it easy - at least he was only arguing about cosmology. You can tell the biology teacher - that will be the one under the desk whimpering because somewhere in his/her shredded soul is a memory that they once taught the subject which promised to unfold the secret of life itself.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Only just seen this (and linked). Evil fuckers.

This is truly beyond the fucking pale. How long before they begin classing AGW scepticism as child abuse?

Far-fetched? I hope so, but the evidence so far isn't promising.

Henry North London said...

Thank god I don't have children

Hurf Durf said...

Not even my state education was this fucked.

Fuck Ed Balls, the fat cunt.