Wednesday, 2 December 2009

#Climategate - mini update

Where to start? How about a couple more research centres implicated in this fiasco? This comprehensively nails the flaccid defence of the mong in charge of the IPCC, who claimed that the science was robust and a "few" rogue scientists couldn't damage their business modelreport.

Then there is the glorious news that skeptics have scuppered the Australian Prime Mentalist's plan to introduce a carbon "cap and trade" scheme.

And finally, Obama's "Climate Czar" has been implicated in the CRU emails. Allegedly.

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Mitch said...

He he he its soooooo sweet to be right!! Ive been against this scam from the get go.
Why don't the silly bastards pick a "feel good" project like curing cancer or a ship to Mars instead of this petty grab for personal power over us........oh cunts!!