Monday, 21 December 2009

Comments from elsewhere

It's a bit naughty, I know, but it was so funny I had to nick it. I wonder if it's not the deft hand of Sperm Lewis ... or maybe his sisteraunt:

Ron Broxted, 20 December 2009 17:47
You have to look at this in the perspective that it is Catholic Ireland and incest amongst family members within the Catholic community has always been more accceptable that outside Ireland. My own parents are brother and sister and had to move to England to get married and have children without showing out. I have two sisters and a brother and yes I suppose we are all somewhat deformed, stunted and shall we say not exactly the full ticket. My sister Bridget now lives with my brother Brendan as man and wife and they have six children of their own now.
I have always supported Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness and the IRA, so I think this incest thing should be viewed in perspective, it is after all pretty much the norm in Ireland.

Ron Broxted, 20 December 2009 20:56
I didn't find out my ma and pa were brother and sister until one day I was going through an old box under their bed in our shity council flat whilst me ma was out visiting me filthy grandad in Brixton prison where he was on remand for raping my sister Bridget's baby son. Anyway I looked in this box which was full of dildo's and whips and chains and soiled underware. In amongst this I found me parents birth certificates which showed they were brother and sister.
Years later when I talked to my social worker about it she said being an inbreed would explain my mental illness and peculiar shapped and stunted body.

Bridget Broxted, 20 December 2009 21:09
I sorry but I cannot let what my brother Ron has just said about me grandad go unanswered. Sure me grandad raped my baby son, but what Ron has not said that it was me dads kid. Ron was no angel either he let Father Kelly shag him in return for sweets which he never shared. I think Ron was always destined to be an arse bandit. He only has one bollock and is a physical wreck and wanks himself off until he resemble a ghost some weeks.


Sperm Lewis said...

LOL, particularly the 'box' in clip #2. Not me, but some kindred-and-affinity spirit.

It's the 'Royal' Forest of Dean where families have the longest tradition of playing hospitals.

Cars on bricks, dogs on chains, bouncing hydrocephaloids in prams. Do not go there, even for morbid entertainment.

Mitch said...

The eastenders script manglers will be cut and pasting that for the Xmas episodes.

Vladimir said...

Yes. I must admit I am something of a fan of "Ron Broxted", by far the most amusing of any of OH's trolls, and certainly the one I would least like to meet in a public toilet.

Joe Public said...

With Gerry blaming his dead dad (who can't defend himself), I suspect he's after the sympathy vote.

Wasn't it the IRA who had a fearsome reputation for summary 'justice' meted out to sex offenders? I wonder how Mr Adams Snr escaped their notice??

Harvey Keitel said...

Vladimir hits the nail on the head squarely, the real Ron is on Independent Minds and is quite left wing, the troll operates as Man In A Bag (other IDs too boring to mention) and clearly has "issues" with gay identity.