Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cuts (with a silent "n")

I had intended to quietly recommend this biting post from Bill Quango, MP:

1} The government will put all of its copper coins into a bottle shaped jar every night until Xmas 2010.
2} The government will only allow value brand custard creams or plain biscuits at government or government sponsored meetings.
3} Government entertaining will now be allowed only within the House of Commons restaurants, which are already subsidised. The Foreign Office, when entertaining foreign diplomats or Heads of State may use the Michelin-starred Heston Blumenthal Little Chef in Popham.

Unfortunately, when I got to this point, I fear that life got in the way of art all over again:

He announced that the Government had identified new savings which could be made in Whitehall costs worth £3 billion over the next four years.

However, it has now emerged that the Government has recently begun tendering for a new £3 billion travel and hospitality contract.

Official documents disclose that ministers expect to spend between £2 billion and £3 billion over the next four years for hospitality and travel for themselves and civil servants – spending the same amount as will be saved by the efficiency drive.

Oh, right

Fuck-a-fucking-diddly-i-do. That's "government efficiency" all over the fucking place, isn't it?


Utter fucking profligate, shit-kicking, cock-sucking, mother-fucking, goat-felching, weasel-bothering, sheep-molesting CUNTS.


Oldrightie said...
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Oldrightie said...

Obbie, that's already blown on Copenhagen.

Anonymous said...

This is turning out to be a long lingering death. Surely it cant go on much longer?

charr said...

Yes, but they wont be the government after June. So we'll all live happily ever after.

Tories will be cunts too, I expect, but they do have a rep for cutting taxes.