Saturday, 12 December 2009

Fuck me!

Labour have finally got something right!

Dr Williams told The Daily Telegraph: “The trouble with a lot of Government initiatives about faith is that they assume it is a problem, it’s an eccentricity, it’s practised by oddities, foreigners and minorities.

Me? Odd? Eccentric? Never!

“The effect is to de-normalise faith, to intensify the perception that faith is not part of our bloodstream. And, you know, in great swaths of the country that’s how it is.”

Wow! Is there no beginning to this man's insight?


Gendeau said...

Now he admits his irrelevance, perhaps the weird fucker will STFU - yeah, yeah, I know

Anonymous said...

This: v=a...player_embedded

needs the widest exposure ... proof positive that the AGW evangelists are running scared.

Atheist Ranter said...

@ vervet 09:36

url is knackered. Say again??

Oldrightie said...

I heard a lovely phrase the other day, their are few atheists in the trenches.

Aetheist at all times, everywhere said...


yeah that's the kind of shite you hear when you hang around with be-bearded weirdoes.

I ain't no sheep in that twat's flock

Blind Pugh said...

What is it with deluded cunts like Williams that they have to grow as much straggly, dirty, unwashed hair as possible? Since when was hirsutism considered sexy? Don't they see people gagging at the sight of their disgusting tufts?

The man is demented and should be set fire to.

JPT said...

Religion fades as the country goes to the dogs.
Coincidence of course.