Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hiding the cunts

Sorry, "cuts":

So Alistair Darling today repeated the same trick he used in April’s Budget – referring only to rising “current spending”, so as to hide the full extent of Labour’s spending cuts. Current spending is only one component of total spending, and when you add in some of the other components – as we have done in the table below – the cuts become clearer.

More pathetic fucking game playing by the gurning metalist and his badger-molesting buddy.

Why not 'fess up, you pair of spastics? The country is utterly fucked and your fiddling around the edges isn'thelping us at all.


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Oldrightie said...

This bunch go on about "it's not as bad as previous recessions". They are spot on. It is and will be seen to be very much worse.