Friday, 18 December 2009

Is it an ego thing?

The tedious old Godbotherer was wittering on about our politicians' Christmas cards. And while I am an atheist and couldn't really give a rat's fucking arse about the religiosity of the cards, I had to admit they are a rum old bunch of fucking cards:

The Prime Mentalist has this cheesy number:

Enjoy it, you snot-munching goat-felcher, it's the last fucking time you're going to be able to use that iconic image.

iDave has gone for some Tory brand-brandishing:

Classy, Dave. Just to remind everyone that you're a Tory.

That other bloke, you know the nonentity, what's his name?

A Mickey Mouse card from a Mickey Mouse politician, I suppose. But it's the start of the ego thing.

Then we've got the simpering buttmunch and his bike:

What the fuck is that about then? Who'd want to see this grinning cretin and his spawn on their fucking mantlepiece? It's enough to put you off your fucking sprouts.

And then the real stomach turner from Tony Bliar:

At least Bercow is happy, even though it's because the little fuck is troughing at our expense. Bliar just looks like he's got wind. Or he's remembered that he has to fuck slotgob that night.

But seriously, how big does your fucking ego have to be that you print a fucking photo of yourself for a Christmas card? How fucked in the head do you have to be? It's not like your fucking mates (if you have any) or your family have forgotten what you look like. And if they have, they can just look at the front page of the Sun or whatever.

Really, you fucking lunatics, get a fucking grip!


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Santa's knob appears to be sticking out of his chest in Clegg's card.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

And he better get down the clinic, sharpish.

BigGibb said...

That Bercow one is hilarious, what kind of narcissist thinks anyone other than themselves would be happy putting that on their mantelpiece?

I am Stan said...

They want to make me vomit!..hideous.

Blind Pugh said...

Dear Mr Obo.

You have the filthiest mouth I've ever come across. Where did you get "slotgob" from? I have just ruined yet another keyboard by spewing my coffee all over it as I read your latest opines.

You do make my day, sirrah. A very merry Christmas and more power to your venomous pen in the New Year.

By the way, don't you think Bercow is screaming rather than laughing? I think his bike has hold of his fundamentals and she hasn't cut her talons for a while. Mind you, with the dosh that pair of cunts (and the other 645) have ripped out of the public purse, I'd be laughing through the pain too.

A Cuntilicious Christmas to them all.