Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The loneliness of the long-distance blogger

I've been struggling to find my blogging mojo lately. Every time I read the news, instead of getting angry, I just get increasingly depressed. We are surrounded not just by immense stupidity, but by wilful immense stupidity.

The unquestioning slurping of Pachauri's cock (and Al Gore's) at Copenhagen makes me want to slit my throat. The fact that Iran (which is full of lovely people, but ruled by utter fucknuts) looks like it's got a Bomb makes me want to go lock myself in a dark room with the gas on. The government's financial plan to get out of recession has me reaching for my revolver.

It's bollock-grabbingly cold and foggy, so I can't even launch the penis extension to cheer myself up.

And did I mention I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet?



Quiet_Man said...

♫ Always look on the bright side of life ♪

Mark Wadsworth said...

I always wanted to do a post with that title but I was worried that somebody else has already done it. Now I know.

Xmas shopping shouldn't take more than an hour or so. If in doubt, get vouchers.

Constantly Furious said...

Konw what you mean, mate. It's hard to keep the angry energy , when it looks like all the fuckers you're yelling at are completely deaf.

Perhaps some more physical violence would help - smash a few Christmas displays, kick a cat, that kind of thing?

Or maybe self-harm would release the stress and take your mind off things?

(warning: I am not a qualified thereapist)

cleflati said...

Beware of vouchers. The recession is long from over, and Zavvi & Woolies last year, Borders already this year are tits up - vouchers as useful as Tsarist Russian bond certificates.

Give a gift that will last. Give shares in armaments companies. There's going to be guaranteed war in the future, and one thing we Brits are good at is arming all sides.

Bristol Dave said...

And did I mention I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet?


I should fucking hope not! Wait until at least the 20th December until most people who believe they're "organised" have done it and the shops are quieter. Although it's a fine line between that and queuing up in the Texaco on Christmas Eve night...

Kingbingo said...

The answer is simple. We need all go vote Labour and campaign for them.

Just because their monumental failure is stunningly obvious to us, does not mean the average cunt has quite twigged yet.

Another 5 years and I suspect even the wettest cunt going might get there.

Anonymous said...

Take heart brother!
The kunts are being exposed every day and with increasing rapidity. They can't fart without a billon of us knowing about it!

Kingbingo said...

In addition to my last comment I also hope BA cabin crew go on strike.

Strike themselves out of a job the cunts.

Blind Pugh said...

Dear Obnoxio,

You have done sterling work in your blog to raise the consciousness of dimwit cunts like me so that we can see what the fuck is really going on in the world. This has obviously taken its toll on you personally so why not say "Fuck it, toots" and give it a rest till after the so-called festive season. We should obviously all miss your wit and insights and rage. But you must take care of number one. So, go raise hell in the Halls of Mammon on your local High Street by berating the shop assistants for being unChristian greedy cunts, that'll cheer you up.

Remember, things could be worse. You could be Johah McBroon. Now there's a truly sad fuck of a lost cause.

Brian Micklethwait said...

I second the above comment about just taking a break from blogging. I tend to take my breaks over the summer, and I had my longest blog holiday ever this summer. Worked a treat.

The trick is to return only when you truly want to, i.e. when your mojo has truly reconstituted itself.

Like he says, take care of number one.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

The stench of corruption is immense. The height that this stench rises is insurmountable from a lonely blogger's perspective.

But have good cheer Obo, you are read by many and the many are becoming aware of how corrupt these hoons and their precious system are.

Their days are numbered. It will be bloody, it will be messy, but out of the ashes of their desecration that will follow will be a better and more enlightened and freer society.

We’re all in this together and there is strength through unity. Pandora ’s Box is open. There is no way of closing it again.