Friday, 29 January 2010

A day of pandemonium and cuntery beckons

Since I can't get my act together to do some actual blogging in amongst all this shitty work I have to do, I thought I'd link up some blog posts that I enjoyed this morning:

Andrew "Brillo Pad" Neil on the melting glacier hokum.

The Adam Smith Institute on whether we need a Central Bank.

The UK Libertarian on that fucking idiot.

Cracked on six logical fallacies that cost you money.

The Spectator on how Camerosborne is pissing off Tory MPs.

Normal service may resume next week. Or in may not. Either way: fuck you, you cunts.


Screech said...

"That fucking idiot" just about sums it up...i reckon that is the tag we should all be using from now on, after all who could fail to recognize who is meant by that term?

Anonymous said...

Fuck you also, you cunt.