Thursday, 7 January 2010

Iain Dale should blog more often

He's on a belter:

The doctors suspected she might have dementia so they embarked on a series of tests. Eventually, the doctor turned to Auntie and asked her who the prime minister is, to which her response was "that fucking bastard Gordon Brown"

And then there is this ... which is just unbelievable. Fucking hell.


SumoKing said...

Hoon strikes me as the sort of guy who struggles counting to 11 without taking off his shoes.

I suspect this was genuine genius moment where he thought "I know this will really help!"

JuliaM said...

Oddly enough, there seemed to be no shortage of people phoning the 'Jeremy Vine Show' today claiming to be Labour supporters who thought Gordoom was the man to take them into an election.

They can't ALL have been Tories having fun; at least a few of them must have been real!

Poor, deluded fools...