Monday, 18 January 2010

It's hard to argue with him

Peter Hitchens is infuriating, there's no doubt about it. He is completely wrong in his Puritanism, but my word, his political analysis is hard to fault:

I give myself a great deal of trouble by attacking the Tories, the party most of my readers want to support. Why do I do this, condemning myself to many angry and often personally rude messages from affronted people? I could easily make everyone happy by quietly dropping this campaign. It would save me hours spent writing letters and e-mails to Tory loyalists who absurdly accuse me, of all people, of wanting to keep Labour in power.

But I cannot, because I think we now have a unique opportunity to remake British politics and recapture Britain from the people who have messed it up and trashed it for so long. The next election cannot change the government. But it can change the opposition - from an ineffectual, useless, compromised one, into an effective one genuinely opposed to what New Labour is doing.

And such an opposition, no longer weighed down by the awful record of the Tories and their miserable reputation, could throw New Labour into the sea, perhaps within five years of coming into being.

The destruction of the Tory Party, which is now both possible and desirable, is the essential first step to this. In our two-party system, new parties arise out of the collapse and splitting of those they seek to replace. They cannot be created until that collapse, and that split, have begun. A serious, undoubted and decisive defeat for the Tory Party at the next election would make this possible and likely. Such a defeat is possible, despite the events of the past few weeks, and can be aided by voters simply refusing to waste their votes on a party that is both likely to lose, and certain to betray them if it wins.

But will we have the courage to consign both of these utterly useless parties to the dustbin of history?

I fear that it will not happen. But in the meantime, I commend the whole article to you. It's very thought-provoking.


bayard said...

Is there anything to prevent a new right-of-centre party calling itself the "Tory Party" or have the Conservative Party got their legal dibs on this one?

Ethan said...

bayard - the Tory party already has a new successor right of centre party. It's called UKIP.

Meanwhile Tory 'classic' has morphed into a Nu Liebour lookeelikee.

Roy G Davis said...

I doubt any party would end up ceasing to exist: they have have too much debt