Friday, 5 February 2010

Election announcement coming?

The Eventard has a couple of wryly amusing posts:

How convenient. The car scrappage scheme is to be extended because only 330,000 new cars have been ordered against the limit of 400,000.

Now, the scheme was due to end in February. It has been extended, not until April or May, but to the end of March.

Now why is that? You may well ask.


Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Are you wondering how to spend a romantic evening with your partner. Do you buy a present. There are the flowers to think of. Don't worry, a ready made solution at hand.

This year, the evening arrangements and the present come in one neat package at no cost. On 14 February Piers Morgan, a good friend of Gordon Brown, will interview the Prime Minister in a one hour TV special:

I have known Gordon Brown for over 15 years - he is a man who has enjoyed great triumph, suffered terrible tragedy, and will soon face the biggest challenge of his career.

Of course, the chosen date for this non-rigorous interview is nothing to do whatsoever with the possibility of a March election. Perish the thought.

You might think that, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Not forgetting that the next set of figures for the economy are released in April. One suspects that Nu-Lab know that those figures are going to be less than stellar, any election after those figures are released will mean total annihilation for Brown.