Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Microsoft: cunts!

Beware the cuntish BSoD:

Microsoft has confirmed reports that some users are experiencing Blue Screen of Death errors after they apply Security Bulletin MS10-015 (rated Important) to patch vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel (977165). At the same time, the Redmond company revealed that customers affected by BSOD after installing this month’s security bulletins also rendered their computers useless, as the machines became incapable of booting, not even in Safe Mode. The issue seems to affect mainly Windows XP computers, however, users of Windows Vista and Windows 7 also reported similar behavior. As a direct consequence, Microsoft has pulled MS10-015, and is no longer distributing the bulleting through Windows Update, while it is working to produce a resolve.

17 years to write a patch and they cunt it up royally. Marvellous.



John R said...

Be fair - it takes time to REALLY fuck things up

Joe Public said...

It's a good job I've got another computer on which to read your warning.

Do you think Barmy Balmer will post warnings via snail mail to all their customers who now can't access the net???????

wv "fucteli"
Did you?

Smug Linux Bastard said...

BSOD? Microsoft? What's that?

Anonymous said...

Linux is even shitter than windows

Mitch said...

Fucking hell, If MS made duct tape they would put the fuckin glue on the edge.
Now they have to patch the patch.

Smug said...

"Linux is even shitter than windows"

Yes, for very esoteric values of "shitter"