Friday, 26 February 2010


It's not just our government that talks out of its arse:

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson engaged in doublespeak of the highest degree today as she told reporters that no statistically significant increase in global temperatures since 1995 does not mean that there has not been human induced global warming.

There's been no warming, but that doesn't mean there's been no warming.

“The science regarding climate change is settled, and human activity is responsible for global warming,” Jackson said, adding that the EPA needs more funding to ensure climate change legislation is passed.

Jesus Christ. How much more naked can they be about their agenda? And fucking "progressives" applaud them for this shit?

What utter cunts.


Private Widdle said...

If the science is "settled", then it should be taught at GCSE alongside Newtonian physics and no more funding/research would be necessary. Instead, it's taught at primary school as a secular religion. And how come these cunts always need more money to make laws? Another piss-boiling moment.

microdave said...

When Nigel Farage gets suspended from the EU parliament, he could pop over to the US, and deliver a few home truths to this bunch of pricks...

Mitch said...

If the science is "settled", Then reliable predictions which are measurable and repeatable should be possible.I wait with interest.

Jeff Wood said...

The sheer scale of intellectual dishonesty on the subject of global warming has been astonishing me for years.

However, there seem to be faint signs that the US public is beginning to realise what has been going on, and a few cracks have at last apppeared in the MSM dam.

Once the Yanks tell the likes of Jackson to get stuffed, the scam is fornicated worldwide.

Still some way to go, though. As the good Private W. remarks, it is a religion.

Call me Infidel said...

When I hear the word "progressive" I reach for my Smith & Wesson.

Joe Public said...

One of the side effects for those who believe in AGW, is that it addles their mind.

Sperm Lewis said...

Lisa Jackson's first clip can be re-hashed as follows.

1. If there were an invisible zebra in the room, the room would look empty.

2. The room looks empty.

3. Therefore there is an invisible zebra in the room. [sic]

Much the same trickery was used by Sigmund Freud, and later by Dr Marietta Higgs, high priestess of the child abuse industry.

Pisspoor. On yer bike, Lisa, you waste of oxygen.

cuntface said...

As usual, you are factually incorrect. you wrote "and fucking progressives applaud them for this shit".

It should read "and fucking CUNTS applaud them for this shit.


g1lgam3sh said...

The 'science'is scuttled

The Great Simpleton said...

I suppose that if the natural trend of the climate had been cooling but because of our CO2 it had only stayed the same then strictly speaking there had been some man made arming.

If this is the case all I can say is, get those engines burning, we need more CO2 because I'm pissed of with the cold and certainly don't want another mini ice age.

Leg-iron said...

The doublethink continues unhindered.

Apparently this last January was the warmest ever. Try telling that to the brass monkeys.

Oh, and a massive iceberg is likely to shut down ocean circulation and start another ice age. But we won't be doing anything about that. T^he money is in warming, not cooling.

Stock up on thermals.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

cuntface, progressives are worse than cunts: they're fucking cunts.

bayard said...

Leg-iron: The "hot January" comment was from someone in Australia. It's summer down there! Typical warble gloamist cherrypicking though. Texas freezing- that's just weather. Australia roasting - that's climate change!