Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A twatter conversation with a Labour supporter

RT @EricPickled: Some cracking policy ideas in the Daily Mail today, I've cut them out and sent them to David.

I'm just guessing here, but "EricPickled" must be the Labour troll who tries to take the piss out of Eric Pickles. Unfortunately, DING and his team of useless fuckwits have no fucking policies at all, let alone anything as concrete as an Op Ed piece in a newspaper. Plus, on the strength of this effort, EricPickled is as funny as face cancer.

So, we're not off to a good start. But, as I pointed out to the original twat:

@jachartuk Too bad the Gorgon gets all his ideas from Nick bloody Griffin.

Provocative, but what the hell. It's only most of his policy ideas he gets from Griffin, not all of them.

@obotheclown how on earth did you readh [sic] that conclusion?

Ah. Hopes of an intelligent conversation here.

@jachartuk "British jobs for British workers" ring any bells?

Casting the line ... and there's a bite!

@obotheclown plenty of bells - but if you actually knew what you were talking about you wouldn't look so foolish...

Eh? What's to know? Every national newspaper picked up on that, as did every part of the blogosphere except for the most slavish of Labour acolytes.

Let's try another BNP policy nicked by Gordon:

@jachartuk How about "gulags for slags"? Remember that one?

There are any number of newspaper articles about this one, and Nick Griffin issued a press release congratulating Colostomy Brown for adopting their policies.

The response? A withering:

@obotheclown no wonder I don't follow you... #FAIL

What? I've pointed out two BNP policies lifted pretty much word-for-word from BNP literature by the Labour Party, and the rebuttal consists of an juvenile attempt at discomforting me and a vacuous invocation of the "fail" hashtag.

This is what passes for debate among Labour supporters (and, I suspect most Cuntservatives and Limp Dumbs as well.) When presented with uncomfortable facts, they simply attempt to shut you down, as though you're the uncool kid in the playground and they're part of the cool clique (or whatever it's called nowadays!)

Rather than trying to engage me and show me why I'm wrong, they just flounce off to discuss the salami at the local deli or fantasise about a three-way with Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey.

So, much like David Osler (who can at least construct an argument and turn a phrase) this useless sack of shit will be voting Labour until he draws his last breath, no matter how "un-Labour" their policies may be and no matter what misery they inflict on us, him and his.

Still, at least he didn't try to beat me up. Yet.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ah, but the real life Eric Pickles is worse, the fattest, smuggest sack of shit you could ever wish to see.

The Boiling Frog said...

Not forgetting this:

The British National Party has started moves to copyright its political slogans after the Labour Party stole the BNP-origin term “Operation Fightback,” Nick Griffin MEP has announced.


microdave said...

"When presented with uncomfortable facts, they simply attempt to shut you down"

This sounds just like "Real Climate" - as with Nu Liebor they can't cope when their apple cart gets tipped over....

J Demetriou said...

Well said.