Friday, 19 February 2010

Unintended consequences again, again! ... Er, again!

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to kill people who proclaim that "something has to be done!"

As part of their stimulus response to the GFC, the Rudd government initiated a billion dollar program to provide millions of Australian homes with government-subsidized ceiling insulation. The massive influx of easy money has ballooned an industry that pre-stimulus numbered only a few hundred employees to one that now contains over 7000 employees and operators.

Despite being warned over 15 times by various other government agencies and industry groups that this plan would result in untrained workers and dodgy operators, and that poorly installed insulation would pose serious safety risks, the minister responsible went ahead with the plan. Since then numerous houses have burned down due to insulation being installed over light fittings, and 4 deaths have occurred due to untrained workers putting staples through live electric wires. The opposition is calling for the minister's resignation, and there is now a new industry being created in going back through all the affected houses, trying to find the expected 1000 homes that have been turned into potential death traps.

Lo and behold, for the great god of jobs was appeased. And just think of what all those fucking fires have done for Australia's cunting carbon footprint.

Boot-faced fucking arsehole spacktarded mongoloid interfering big-government CUNTS!


Anonymous said...

Tell you what though, due to the stimulus package and the fact that the economy was not in a dire state to begin with, we have been able to persuade ourselves that we're home and dry. The surplus has become a deficit. But we're okay. Let's wait and see.

This insulation debacle is the tip of the iceberg. The government has poured huge amounts of money into school building projects, whether they were viable or not. if the school wished to take the money and spend it on books..this was not allowed. Consequently, new buildings are being constructed on playing fields as schools decide not to miss out. The construction industry enjoys a mini-boom and the school library offers nothing.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

"Boot-faced fucking arsehole spacktarded mongoloid interfering big-government CUNTS!"

There's no need to be restrained, Obnoxio. Just say what you really think.

Wellington Dave said...

Meanwhile Closer to home:

Another clear case of, well... "Boot-faced fucking arsehole spacktarded mongoloid interfering big-government CUNTS!"

Wellington Dave said...

woops, lost the effing "f" off the end.

Mitch said...

If you buck the market with lefty lunacy the market will buck you right up.

Anonymous said...

fuck me you still alive lazy little cunt

Angry Exile said...

Anon @ 11:02 - oh yes, the stimulus. That sent my opinions of many Australians downhill a bit. 'Oh Kevin's a fair bloke, giving us all 900 bucks like that.' How many of them realised that he wasn't giving them $900 at all, he was just giving back $900 of what the government had already helped itself to.

As for the insulation debacle, which minister was responsible? Peter fucking Garrett. And what was his experience before coming into government? Lead singer of Midnight Oil, known for songs about how wrong it was to dig up uranium which is presumably why he approved expansion of a uranium mine in South Australia a year and half ago. And now he's moved on to wasting taxpayers' money on subsidising insulation in a way that was so obviously open to fraud and cowboy operators that it was bound to end in tears. His fault? Depends on how much you blame him and how much you blame the man who gave him the fucking responsibility. Loathsome, corrupt and fuckwitted as that grinning mutation Blair was at least when he invited various lefty musicians into Downing Street he didn't fucking give any of them a safe seat and a fucking ministerial position.

WV: disorg - how fucking appropriate.