Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Climate Cunts

So, the CRU was caught lying about and manipulating numbers that "prove" global warming. The University of East Angular decided to put this chap in charge of the investigation:

Lord Oxburgh is President of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, and Chairman of Falck Renewables, a wind energy company.


Oxburgh is also a director of GLOBE, the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment.

Which he failed to list in his Lords' Register of Interests.

In the House of Lords Register of Lords' Interests, Oxburgh lists under remunerated directorships his chairmanship of Falck Renewables, and chairmanship of Blue NG, a renewable power company. (Oxburgh holds no shares in Falck Renewables, and serves as a non-exec chairman.) He also declares that he is an advisor to Climate Change Capital, to the Low Carbon Initiative, Evo-Electric, Fujitsu, and an environmental advisor to Deutsche Bank.

I'm sure he's entirely objective, aren't you?


Tom Paine said...

He may be. Take it from me, many in business are making cash from this stuff. That someone has shares in a venture based on alarmism only proves he knows there is alarm, not that he believes it is justified.

If Chicken Licken believes the sky is falling, the true businessman will sell him a steel umbrella.

bayard said...

The only people the University of Easy Access have to convince are their paymasters, and they're on their side already. They don't need to convince the global warmmongers and they'll never convince the sceptics, so this guy sounds an ideal choice.

microdave said...

It won't make any difference whatever the outcome, the Government still believe them: