Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Crystallisation of allowances?

What a load of old cunt:

Postal workers who staged a series of strikes in the run-up to Christmas have won a 6.9 per cent pay rise over the next three years.

At a time when both public and private sector workers are braced for little or no increase in forthcoming pay rounds, Royal Mail employees have also won lump sum payments, a shorter working week, the crystallisation of allowances into basic pay and better maternity and paternity terms.

Jesus fucking Christ. People all around the country are losing their fucking jobs, even the fucking public sector is talking about redundancies and these cunts are getting a raise. And how's this for a fucking slap in the face:

Staff will receive a lump sum payment of £400 on ratification of the agreement and another £1,000 linked to delivery of workplace changes.

While these useless cocktards are fucking binning our post or stealing the contents thereof, we're getting worse and worse levels of service, more mis-directed fucking mail, more cunting junk mail and fucking paying more for their shoddy workmanship.

In the unlikely event of your seeing an actual postie doing some actual delivery, feel fucking free to ride over the actual cunt.



sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I knew I worked for the wrong employer...

Dave H said...

They've also cut the length of their working week by an hour.

OldSlaughter said...

In Spain they have a saying: "Royal-Mail practices"

This course of events is an old-school union tactic known as throwing the baby out with the bath water. OR by its more modern name, the quickest way possible to get your arse privatised.

Oleuanna said...

Nothing but contempt

Sperm Lewis said...

A belated reminiscence of Michael Foot.

There used to be some fucking brilliant parties up Labour HQ in Blaenau Gwent.

Chevrons of vomit down the walls and everybody pissing on his dog.

Old Footie even used to get all pissed up and lead the conga. He didn't know whether it was Monday or Tuesday, the dozy old fucker.

Mitch said...

Stops a big nasty strike around election time and ensures that postal voting can make the difference, its a bit hard to win with a landslide of postal votes when there shouldn't be any.

Brown is a cunt! has anyone else noticed this?

Wasp said...

The headline agreement is more for the consumption of the brothers than a true reflection of the content and would indeed seem to be a convenient way of clearing the decks for the election.

The full 71 page agreement shows that most full time employees will be no better off overall and most part time employees will actually lose out. The agreement is also sufficiently vague to cause more disagreement down the line at local level.

When its been digested by the members (for example the big number lump sums are merely recycled from the long running colleague share scheme which would have been paid anyway regardless of this agreement) the vote result wont be a certainty by any means. All I can really see from a personal point of view is a shitstorm of problems when trying to implement this across the country - should keep me busy for a while anyway.