Tuesday, 23 March 2010


What a load of old shite:

a systematic campaign by neo-fascist climate-denying BNP supporters seems to have achieved just what it wanted. To sum up, the BNP campaigned against these ads and the ASA did what the BNP were calling for.

Hurrah! Left Bollock Backward (who I'm really not going to grace with a link for this shit) continues to promote the meme that only lunatics, fascists and Nazis "deny" climate change.

And I must admit that I had been surprised by the ASA breaking ranks over AGW, but as another bunch of loonies (LabourLost, who I'm also not fucking linking to, fuck 'em, they've never linked to me!) quoted in the article shows that they haven't really:

... the ASA actually threw out 9 out of the 10 objections placed by the climate changes deniers. They agreed with DECC that “there was extremely strong evidence for human induced climate change whereas no national or international bodies with climate science expertise disagreed”, that "over 40% of the CO2 was coming from ordinary every day things like keeping houses warm and driving cars" was unlikely to mislead, and that “the story-book images of a dried up UK river bed and a flooded UK town and the mention of "awful heat waves" and "terrible storms and floods" was a narrative about what could happen in the UK in the future, given the scientific projections based on current trends and unlikely to mislead”.

Out of the 10 points made by the climate change deniers, the only one that was upheld related to the precise level of certainty behind predictions of extreme weather events in the UK, and whether the words “ will become“ imply a 90%, 66% or 50% likelihood.

So, no, there never was any cause to celebrate, the ASA is still firmly in the AGW camp and we can forget about these fuckers ever stopping the sucking of green cock. It might be interesting to see where the ASA's pensions are invested ...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ha! Last time I looked, the BNP still had a lot of Greenie stuff in their manifesto.

Angry Exile said...

As Mark Wadsworth says, but I thought ol' Adolf and some of his best buds were partial to ecomentalism, recycling, conservation to the point of passing laws about it. They'd probably be priapic with everything that's going on at the moment with one major exception:

Nein, nein, you shoot ze ones who do not obey zis order, ja? Not fine zem.