Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Very funny

Rod Liddle:

How can they get away with this?

Indeed. Very droll, Mr Liddle.


Kingbingo said...

My local paper is also extremely racist. Every week it shows two or three black faces of murders rapists and violent thieves. Yet where are the corresponding 20 or 30 white faces??

The typical story goes like this.

Police are searching for a British man today for the murder or an office worker. Miss Jones was walking home from work when Mr Ombooglia jumped out the bushes raped and murdered her. Mr Ombooglia originally from the Congo has been the subject of repeated attempts to have him deported to his home country. But a judge always dismissed the case as he would have to face inhumane conditions if deported. Immediately following the issue of a warrant for his arrest Mr Ombooglia boarded a plane to the Congo.

Anonymous said...

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