Thursday, 25 March 2010

Welcome to the UKSSR!

It's official:

Britain's government sector is now bigger than its private sector. It accounts for 52.1% of Gross Domestic Product according to the OECD – the highest since the organisation's records began. Sure, government was even bigger in the early 1940s, but then at least we were fighting a war to save Europe from Nazi dictatorship. There is no such excuse this time.

In 1900, the government was a mere 15% of the economy. It was given a boost by World War I, but for most of the interwar years it remained in the 20%-30% range. After World War II it stayed below 40% until Harold Wilson's 1964-70 Labour government broke that barrier, and now Gordon Brown has taken it through the next.

There's fucked. There's really fucked. There's Gordon Brown fucked.

And then there's this.

Like the man says:

The trouble is that governments spend other people's money.

And the government is now spending more than we earn.

We are so fucked.


Kingbingo said...

On the other hand its got to the point its actually funny that the masses are so obtuse they don't know they are going to be paying for Gordon Brown into their retirement.

Even if their currently still in school.

Uncle Marvo said...

GDP? To me that means earnings, pay, whatever. Assuming (and I know it isn't so) that there's a flat rate of taxation of 50% (which if you add it all up there probably is) then the public sector is effectively free. You pay it a pound, it pays 50p back in tax, which pays the original 50p.

That must be how Darling worked it out, anyway.