Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Why would they?

A curious observation in the Speccie:

What is even more remarkable to me is how they have reacted since their words became public. It is remarkable that an MP who has stooped so low as to describe himself as a sort of cab for hire has not instantly resigned and slunk away in shame.

Why would they? The entire history of this unprincipled, mendacious, corrupt and above all, shameless iteration of the Labour Party has been one of brazen "fuck-the-voter"-ism. Mandelson survived two scandals that would have put any previous politician in the shitter for ever, and now he's fucking running the show, collecting fucking titles like some people collect stamps!

So really, why would Byers do anything but laugh it off and accept it as Brown's slap on the wrist for being disloyal and carry on stealing OUR FUCKING MONEY!

Update: The Daily Mash:

The scandal could damage Labour's election campaign by undermining the party's hard-won reputation as wise and principled public servants who have always put the country before their own political or financial interests.


ukipwebmaster said...

Here's Sir John Butterfill in action:


John Pickworth said...

I can't recall the first instance (there have been so many under Labour) but I remember when the first scandal hitting the airwaves and the stark resistance to admit any culpability or offer to resign. I knew then we'd got a Government that had zero intention of behaving honourably.

I've always said that the Blair/Brown years wouldn't be remembered for 'the war' but for the scandals and scoundrels.