Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Astounding journalism

What an astonishing display of fact-checking journalism:

Martin’s ‘biography’ was unusual to say the least. It gave no personal details nor quoted any political beliefs, in fact it appeared to be positively frivolous.

Martin Cullip, Libertarian
Plays with Surrey Darts team and helps maintain their Toe the Oche website.
The website cites his hobbies as The Cranberries, AFC Wimbledon and “running across all eight lanes of the M25 at junction eight dressed only in a basque and a pair of Pretty Polly 15 denier stockings”.

To see why we should not have the slightest bit of faith in bloggers and why we should only trust the printed media, I suggest you click here.

And a doff of the clown wig to a blogger who has done libertarianism a great favour by exposing this pathetic rag's incompetence and spite.

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