Saturday, 17 April 2010

If the yanks will eat their spinach...

... why wouldn't we?

The news that a Rasmussen poll has Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) running in a dead heat against President Barack Obama in a hypothetical Paul-Obama face-off for the White House has the pundits fuming. Ben Smith, over at Politico, can hardly contain his annoyance: the poll "is a useful reminder of how totally flaky early polling is," he rants, and "this is the Ron Paul who polled, literally, thousands of votes placing fifth in the Iowa caucuses," and then only breaking ten percent after everyone but McCain had bailed. This evaluation depends on a static model, however: back then, there was no bank bailout, no insurance industry takeover, no tea party movement, and Ron had no real public record to run on – the 2008 campaign, in short, was a way for the country to get to know Rep. Paul, and the Rasmussen poll is a clear indication they liked what they saw. Instead of invoking Paul’s showing in the Iowa caucus, it’s more useful to compare this poll to the results of another similar Rasmussen poll taken in 2008, in which, as the pollster reported, "For Ron Paul, 10% of all voters would definitely vote for him. Fifty-nine percent (59%) say it’s No, no matter what."

Voter sentiment is now completely reversed: today, he’s in a dead heat with a sitting President. No matter how hard you try to minimize that, it’s an astonishing fact.

It's probably nothing, just a poll blip ... but, hell, if he did win, I'd be over there so fucking fast, my feet wouldn't touch the ground.


The Great Simpleton said...

I'd be over there so fucking fast, my feet wouldn't touch the ground.

I'd hope not, its water all the way and much as I enjoy your blog its quite obvious you ain't the second coming.

Although if RP does win it might make him the equivalent of the second coming.

Mitch said...

"you ain't the second coming."

If you saw what he took to bed you might rethink that.

Tomrat said...


Have you read his book from just before the presidency? The Revolution

Anonymous said...

Don't do it Obo.

Swindon Alan