Wednesday, 14 April 2010

On the money again

Spot on*:

The polls suggest voters want change, but many don’t want to make sacrifices or accept the idea of Britain living within its means. They’ll moan about rules and red tape but they fear the state withdrawing in any meaningful way. It’s why Gordon Brown is still in this race.

*For RonniesOak: the attribution is the link embedded in the words "Spot on". You fucking mong.


Kingbingo said...

You understand why the Tories are so cautious then Ob?

Anonymous said...

When you consider a third of the workforce now works directly for or contracted to the public sector.
I can see why too.
But it can't go on .
see ... Greece

J Demetriou said...

Very good piece.

Shame you don't offer much in the way of intelligent comment yourself, but thanks for raising it.